Recent international studies confirm the drug Levitra is efficient to treat both erectile dysfunction and depression in men. The first international multi-center study DRIVER (Depression Related Improvement with Vardenafil for Erectile Response) was conducted in Canada, France, Italy, Spain and the United States. The research involved men with a mild form of major depressive disorder (MDD) and erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Reviews on how to buy Levitra online found that the intake of vardenafil not only significantly improves erectile function, but also successfully enhances self-esteem of patients. There is a correlation between the occurrence of depression and ED. The results of the largest study show: 25% of men with ED complain of depression and anxiety, while 26% of men that experience depression and anxiety suffer from ED.

Therefore, the fact relatively cheap Levitra is efficient for improving erectile function, thereby fighting depression and raising self-esteem among this group of patients is quite encouraging.

Men believe their partners expect them to be perfect: a role of a loving husband, successful businessman, caring father and great lover is rather a precondition. Women tend to increasingly dominate and become more demanding in a relationship. Almost one in four men with ED reported of stress when trying to meet a partner's expectations. Besides, almost half of the men like it when a woman acts as the initiator of sex. Female orgasm, tenderness and strength of emotional connection are major aspects. At the same time, men would like to share and fulfill own erotic fantasies with a partner.

Want to order Levitra without prescription? The original form of Levitra features mint flavor (due to menthol flavor additive), is dissolved in the mouth cavity within a few seconds and requires no washing down with water. Not interacting with foods (including those containing large amounts of fat and calories), Levitra can be taken with or without meal. Simultaneous drug intake with food does not affect the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Purchase generic Levitra in a stylish easy to use black box the size of a credit card with a special elegant design.

When men with ED were asked of what they particularly liked about the product, certain positive characteristics involved a successful combination of the drug's properties (rapid dissolution and route of administration / form), as well as convenience (no need to take water / liquid, simple and easy to use).

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